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Softspoken Digital Street Team

More than just some regular old Street Team, our Digital Street Team is a way for you to share our music and make some money doing it!

As a Street Team member you'll get a special code that you can use to share with other prospective fans. Your code will be good for a 10% discount from our merch store (including digital downloads), and will also net YOU 40% of the profit we make from that item.

As an example: Let's say we're selling a hoodie for $30. Someone you refer buys it using your code for 10% off - so they pay $27. The hoodies cost $10/each to make, so our profit margin is $17. You get 40% of $17, which is $6.80. Pretty sweet, right?

If you're familiar with the term "affiliate marketing" it's the same basic idea.

We have a spreadsheet to keep track of data and sales. Once you reach $10 in earned rewards, we can pay you via PayPal, or you can cash in for discounts or gift cards to our store. Whatever you prefer!

Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you soon!