The Speakers

Since the beginning, the idea behind the brand of Softspoken has been to be true to yourself and take pride in being exactly who you are. As part of that idea, we created a group or community called The Speakers all about sharing the stories and efforts that make each of us who we are.

Moving into 2021, we are expanding the scope and purpose of The Speakers.

If you're a fan or supporter, you are a Speaker, but that label isn't limited just to people who support our music. Other musicians and creatives are speakers: they have stories to tell in their own way.

We wanted to find more ways to give back to the greater music community, especially locally, to share the knowledge we've picked up, and also learn something else from others.

To that end, we've created The Speakers Blog which will be focusing on a variety of topics, but all focused on the idea of supporting your creativity. We'll be touching on common topics for musicians such as best practices for marketing, release strategies, tips and tools, and much more. We also plan on doing interviews with friends who are not musicians, but are involved in the music industry via their other trades and skills.

Now, more than ever, it's important for all of us in the entertainment industry to band together and help one another. This is one small step we're taking that we hope can help!